Do you report PDH credits to the state boards?

Yes. As an approved continuing education provider, submits monthly or quarterly reports, including the names and license numbers of all Florida PE & PLS, North Carolina PE & PLS and Tennessee PLS completing the PDHonline courses during that month or quarter and the PDH credits earned, to respective board of registration for professional engineers . Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee are the only three states that require reporting from the approved continuing education providers.

As an approved continuing education provider, maintains records of all online PDH activities for at least seven (7) years. Our records include the name of the attendee who satisfactorily completed the course, type of activity claimed, date of activity, instructor's name, sponsoring organization, and the PDH credits earned. Copies of these records may be requested by sending emails to for audit verification purposes.

How can I get another certificate of completion?

You may print out your certificates of completion for the courses you have taken from "My Account" on the top menu bar.