PDHonline Course Providers
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Jay Adams, BSEE, Electrical Engineer
Jose-Miguel Albaine, M.S., PE, Structural Engineer
Abnish C. Amar, Ph.D, PE, Civil Engineer
John R. Andrew, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Ernest Wayne Ashenfelter, PE, Electrical Engineer
Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, (PPFA), Trade Organization
Hayward Baker, Inc., Geotechnical Contractor
Gary D. Beckfeld, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Jerry R. Bednarczyk, PE, Electrical Engineer
David Benshemer, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Liz Berdugo, PE, Civil Engineer
Betty Bezos, PE, RCDD, Consultant / Instructor
Akshaya Bhatia, M.S., Management Consultant
A. Bhatia, B.E., Mechanical Engineer
S. Binod, M. IEEE, Electrical Engineer
A. Albert Biss, PE, Electrical Engineer
Tim Blackburn, PE, Pharmaceutical Engineer
Drayton D. Boozer, Ph.D., PE, Electrical Engineer
Bruce A. Brant, Colonel (Ret), Inspector General
William A. Brant, JD, PE , Attorney/Engineer
Dale Callahan, Ph.D., PE, Engineering Professor
Lea Callahan, PE, Engineering Consultant
Gary W. Castleberry, PE, Electrical Engineer
Tim Cera, MS, Civil and Computer Engineer
Chong Chen, Ph.D., PE, Engineering Professor
Helen Chen, Ph.D., PE, Structural Engineer
David A Conner, Ph.D., PE, Engineering Professor
Robert B. Coulter, PE, Chemical Engineer
Harvey A. Crouch, PE, Civil/Railway Engineer
Stephen Crum, PE, Electrical Engineer
Kent Davis, Ph.D., PE, Structural Engineer
Michael G. DeJohn, PE, Civil Engineer
Carlo B. DeLuca, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Edward di Girolamo, PE, Structural Engineer
Laura E. Engelland, PE, LC, Electrical Engineer
Russell W. Faust, PE, Civil Engineer
Ralph Edward Fehr, III, Ph.D., PE, Electrical Engineer
Norman J. Friedman, MS, Environmental Professional
Richard W. Fruge, PE, Electrical Engineer
Patrick C. Garner, PLS, Hydrologist and Surveyor
Tim K. Garrison, PE, Structural Engineer
Semih H. Genculu, PE, Metallurgical Engineer
Bijan Ghayour, PE, Electrical Engineer
Jeffrey A. Gilbert, PE, Civil Engineer
Chris Goggin, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Robert Stephen Gordy, Ph.D., PE, Electrical Engineer
Paul Graves, PE, Environmental Engineer
Danny R Graves, PE, Electrical Engineering
Richard Gregor, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Richard Grimes, MPA, CPT, Performance Technologist
Sean Guan, Ph.D., Electrical Engineer
Richard A. Haas, PE, Entrepreneur Engineer
Christopher M.A. Haslego, B.S. ChE, Chemical Engineer
Jeffrey Havelin, PE, Civil Engineer
Neil Hicks, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Cory L. Horton, PE, Civil and Environ. Engineer
Shih-Min Hsu, Ph.D., PE, Electrical Engineer
John C. Huang, Ph.D., PE, Engineering Consultant
John Huang, PE, Engineering Consultant
Mark E. Hughes, PE, Civil Engineer
James D Hussin, PE, Getechnical Engineer
LEA International, , Electrical Equipment Supplier
Willis A. Jacus, PE, Structural Engineer
Ronald L. Jenkins, Ph.D., Biology Professor
Clifford T. Johnson, PE, CSE, Control Systems Engineer
Warren T. Jones, Ph.D, PE, Professor Emeritus - CIS
Tracy P. Jong, Esq., Patent Attorney
Cheng-Ning Jong, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Samuel K. Kassegne, Ph.D., PE, Structural Engineer
Samir G. Khoury, Ph.D, P.G., Professional Geologist
Jason Koshy, BSEE, Electrical Engineer
Douglas Jack F. Kuhn, PE, Civil Engineer
Ruey J. Lai, Ph.D., PE, Environmental Engineer
Tim Latham, M.Sc., C.Eng., Biochemical Engineer
Timothy Laughlin, PE, Petroleum Engineer
Arthur E. LeBlanc, MS, Mech & Manufacturing Engineer
Frank Li, Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineer
Joseph J. Lifrieri, PE, PP, PG, Professional Geologist
David J. Lilja, Ph.D, PE, EE and Computer Eng. Professor
John Z. Luh, Ph.D., PE, Transportation Engineer
Robert Madsen, PE, Structural Engineer
Lawrence J. Marchetti, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Thomas Mason, MBA, PE, Electrical Engineer
Pat McGlynn, MA, Consultant
Elsie F. Millano, PE, Environmental Engineer
Robert T. Monaghan, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Jerry D. Morrow, PE, Civil Engineer
Kevin A. Mussmacher, PE, Electrical Engineer
James J. Newton, PE, DEE, Environmental Engineer
Timothy O'Hearn, PE, Electrical Engineer
Owete S. Owete, Ph.D., PE, Environmental Engineer
Charles Palmer,Jr. PE, Civil Engineer
Mark M. Peterson, PE, Civil Engineer
John F. Pietranski, Ph.D., PE, Chemical Engineer
John Poullain, PE, Civil Engineer
Clement Rajendra, PE, Structural Engineer
John M. Rattenbury, PE, CIPE, Mechanical Engineer
Vincent D. Reynolds, MBA, PE, Civil Engineer
Patrick M. Riban , PE, Facilities Engineer
Charles D. Riley, Jr., PE, Civil Engineer
Frank Russo, Ph.D., PE, Structural Engineer
John Schoolfield, PE, Environmental Engineer
Bill Scott, PE, Management Consultant
Ketan Shah, PE, CCNA, Electrical Engineer
F. I. Sheikh-Ibrahim, Ph.D., PE, Structural Engineer
Mark V. Slominski, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Peter Smith, HNC, Piping Engineer
Frederic G. Snider, R.P.G., Professional Geologist
Jeffrey R. Sotek, PE, CSP, CIH, Environmental Engineer
V.S. Sriram, BTME, Mechanical Engineer
Emily A. Sterrett, Ph.D., Management Consultant
Robert P. Stevens, PE, DEE, Environmental Engineer
Thomas D. Strong, PLS, Land Surveyor
Matthew Stuart, PE, SE, F.ASCE, Structural Engineer
Pamela Suett, BS, Education Specialist
Jonathan Terry, PLS, Land Surveyor
R. Jerry Thacker, PE, PLS, Land Surveyor
George E. Thomas, PE, Structural Engineer
Jane Showalter Thomas, PE, CPEA, Environmental/Civil Engineer
Jan Van Sickle, PLS, Land Surveyor
Daniel A. Vellone, M.S., P.G., Professional Geologist
Kevin D. Waddell, PE, Civil Engineer
Richard W. Warden, PE, Civil Engineer
Eugene Washington, PE, Engineering Consultant
William N. Weaver, PE, Pharmaceutical Engineer
Richard P. Weber, PE, Geotechnical Engineer
Joseph Carl Wellinghoff, PE, Structural Engineer
Malcolm J. Werner, PE, Mechanical Engineer
Phyllis H. Wheeler, PE, Validation Engineer
Michael A. White, PE, Civil Engineer
Randall W. Whitesides, PE, Consulting Engineer
Robert B. Wilcox, PE, Mechanical Engineer
W. Ronald Woods, PE, Structural Engineer
Christopher Wright, PE, Mechanical Engineer
W. Xiao, Ph.D., Software Engineer

Call for Online Course Providers (Instructors)

Knowledge exists to be imparted.
           ~ Ralph W. Emerson

If you are interested in becoming a PDHonline course provider, please email us your resume, a brief biography (one to two paragraphs), contact information (mailing address and phone number), and a list of potential course topics for consideration.

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4pdh.com is an approved continuing education sponsor (course vendor) for engineers, surveyors and architects. We offer a generous revenue sharing plan (30% of the course revenue) to encourage licensed professionals and engineering educators to become PDHonline course providers (instructors). As a PDHonline course provider, you will be treated as an independent consultant, which effectively enables you to establish your own lifelong consulting business.

By working with 4pdh.com you can also pass-on some of the knowledge you have gained over the years for the benefit of all engineers, surveyors and architects. At the same time, you are helping your fellow engineers, surveyors and architects fulfill their continuing education needs in the most cost-effective, yet flexible, manner. In addition, as a PDHonline course provider, you can take PDHonline courses at a special discounted rate.

As long as your topics are of educational value to practicing engineers, surveyors and architects, you are invited to become a PDHonline course provider. You may either compose original lecture notes or utilize the technical resources already available on the Internet.

The goal of 4pdh.com is to establish online courses on a variety of technical, management and regulatory topics in every engineering, surveying and architectural field. 4pdh.com relies solely on the voluntary contribution of course providers to maintain the versatility and high quality of the online courses.

PDHonline courses are unlike traditional technical articles that appear in only one issue of a magazine or journal with a limited circulation. Your courses, when updated to reflect recent advances in technology, will remain online for use by the technical community. Furthermore, your online courses can reach technical professionals all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the information superhighway. In fact, your online courses could become living technical literature if you update them periodically. Because of Internet technology, there is no other publishing form that can be more easily updated than your online courses.

We only accept electronic versions of the course materials. For details on how to prepare PDHonline course materials, click on Online Course Writing Guidelines.

When your course materials are accepted for publication on 4pdh.com, you will be sent a letter of acceptance and a contract between you and 4pdh.com. Your courses will be published on the PDHonline websites, earning you revenue and recognition each time they are purchased. We handle all of the course publishing, advertising, marketing, promotion, and administration at no charge to you.

If you are interested in becoming a PDHonline course provider, please email us your resume, a brief biography (one to two paragraphs), contact information (mailing address and phone number), and a list of potential course topics for consideration. For more information, please contact:

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