John M. Rattenbury, PE, CIPE
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Rattenbury, PE, is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York and is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states. He also holds a certification in plumbing engineering from the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). Mr. Rattenbury began his engineering career in 1990 as the auxiliaries engineering officer aboard a United States Navy Spruance Class Destroyer based out of Norfolk, Virginia. Upon completion of his tour of duty, he entered into the consulting engineering field at the Boston-based MEP firm Vanderweil Engineers, Inc. where he rose to the position of Senior Corporate Engineer in their Science & Technology design team. Mr. Rattenbury has authored numerous technical articles and currently participates as a Consulting Editor for Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine. He serves in technical societies and on committees at the national level and has recently received commendation by ASPE for his work related to the drafting of the design standard for siphonic roof drainage, designated ASPE Technical Standard 100.

In addition to his professional experience in the engineering field, Mr. Rattenbury has delivered several short seminars to regional ASPE chapters around the country and was instructor for a three hour course in siphonic roof drainage during the 2005 ASPE Technical Symposium in Chicago. He has also worked as a facilities consultant inspecting and evaluating the mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems in existing buildings.

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