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2006 Introduction to Electrical Construction Specifications

Thomas Mason, PE

This five hour online course introduces the standard electrical construction specifications used for offices, churches, manufacturing facilities, schools, museums, prisons and places of retail business. The 2004 CSI (Construction Standards Institute) format is introduced, along with the existing 1995 CSI format, and general principles of good spec writing are explained. Public domain specifications developed for government projects are used as examples, though reference is made to commercial spec services - CSI MasterSpec and BSD (Building Systems Design) OnSpec+ and proprietary specs - such as Simplex fire alarms and Novec fire suppression systems. In addition to the core material and associated quiz for credit, this revision includes explanatory narrative and demonstration specificatons. Internet links are provided for reference sources. The multiple-choice quiz covers only core material. This course is general in nature. Separate PDHonline courses are available for individual electrical specifications, as Materials and Methods and Conduit and Raceways.

The course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, based upon the changes, critical requirements and Table of Contents.

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