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The Architect as a Consultant/Expert Witness AIA

David A. Conner, Ph.D., PE

Architects working as a consultant and/or expert witness in the legal environment must function as an educator, evaluator, and investigator in a manner that appropriately supports the distinct needs of the client/employer. (And, client/employer requirements will differ depending upon whether the client/employer is the plaintiff, the defense, or the court itself.) Beginning as a consultant and/or expert witness requires (1) a knowledge of both the law regulating the practice of engineering and the Canons of Practice and (2) the development of a) a detailed resume that includes pertinent credentials; b) a fee schedule, billing philosophy, and a mechanism for billing if serving as a consultant; c) a philosophy on note taking; and d) a philosophy on how files will be maintained.

When a case is acquired, the consultant/expert witness must

(1) establish a procedure with the client/employer for the filing of reports;

(2) review case documents (i.e. the complaint, charges, interrogatories and interrogatory responses, depositions, reports, and pictures);

(3) review all applicable codes, regulations, and standards; and

(4) examine all evidence related to the case.

Testimony in the form of a deposition provides the consultant/expert witness with a unique opportunity to offer professional opinions related to the case in the absence of a judge and jury - hence an ability to "partially control" the proceedings. Testimony before a jury requires that the consultant/expert witness display the best characteristics of a professional thespian.

This course is addressed to

(1) the architect interested in becoming a consultant and/or expert witness for the legal profession,

(2) the architect just getting started as a consultant/expert witness for the legal profession, and

(3) the architect in industry assigned, as a company employee, to assist company attorneys in litigation.

This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

This course is registered with AIA/CES as a continuing education course for architects. Courses registered with AIA/CES are acceptable to all state licensing boards for architects.

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