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Power Systems & Nuclear Engineering PDH Units/
Learning Units (Hours)
E102 Concepts of Energy Management 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E104 Power Systems - Basic Concepts and Applications - Part I 12 $279 Buy Now Quiz
E105 Power Systems - Basic Concepts and Applications - Part II 12 $279 Buy Now Quiz
E111 Electrical Transmission and Distribution Safety 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E113 Electrical Power Supply and Distribution 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E127 Uninterruptible Power Supply System Selection, Installation, and Maintenance 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
E129 Digital Power Metering and Industrial Data Communication for Meter Systems 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E138 Automatic Control Systems - Part I: Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E139 Automatic Control Systems - Part II: Laplace Transform and Time-Domain Analysis 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E140 Automatic Control Systems - Part III: Root Locus Technique 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E144 Power Factor in Electrical Energy Management 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E149 Twenty Ways to Optimize Electric Efficiency in the Use of Induction Motors 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E154 Variable Speed Drives in Electrical Energy Management 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E156 Understanding Motor Nameplate Information - NEMA v/s IEC Standards 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E158 Emergency and Standby Generator Application 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E162 240 V Motor Operation on 208 VAC 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E164 Overview & Energy Optimization of Power Distribution Transformers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E169 Basic Electrical Theory & Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E170 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of DC Circuits, Batteries, DC Generators & Motors 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E171 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of AC Power, AC Generators, AC Reactive Components, and Voltage Regulators 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E172 Basic Electrical Theory - Overview of AC Motors, Transformers and Measuring Instruments 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E182 Nuclear Plant Security Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E183 Babcock & Wilcox Pressurized Water Reactors 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E184 Power Plant Electrical Distribution Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E185 Environmental Qualification of Safety Related Electrical Equipment 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E186 General Nuclear Worker Radiation Training 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E187 General Nuclear Worker Training 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E188 Radiation Detection 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E194 Power System Analysis 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
E195 New Advances in Wind Powered Electric Generation Technology 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E196 Fuel Cells- New Energy for the Future 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E197 New Advances in Geothermal Technology 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E198 Advances in Hydroelectric Power Technology 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E199 Small Wind Powered Electric Generation Systems 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E200 Advances in Solar Electric Generation Technology 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E201 Design of Microhydro or Small-Scale Hydroelectric Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E203 Design and Planning of Hydroelectric Power Plant Facilities 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E205 Recent Advances in Photovoltaic Technology and Solar Thermal Technology 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E206 Wind Energy Applications for Municipal Water Services 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E208 Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E209 IEEE Red Book, Part 1 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
E210 IEEE Red Book, Part 2 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
E212 Transformer Maintenance 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E213 Transformer Fire Protection 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E214 Storage Battery Maintenance and Principles 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E215 Permissible Loading of Oil-Immersed Transformer and Regulators 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E216 Permissible Loading of Generators and Large Motors 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E218 Transformer Diagnostics 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E224 Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
C181W OSHA’s Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Refresher Training (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Session: Thursday, Feb. 7 & 14, 2008. 1 PM-5 PM, EST
8 $640 Buy Now Quiz
C237 Offshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Basics 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G157 Disaster Engineering 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G179 Immediate Conservation Engineering 3 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G182 Tips on Saving Energy and Money 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G184 Green Building Guidelines 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G194 PE Guide to the ENERGY STAR ® Label for Buildings 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M207 HVAC - Overview of Space Heating Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M239 Introduction to Material and Energy Balance 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
Related Courses
E112 Electrical Design - Lightning and Static Electricity Protection 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
E155 CPU (Computer Processing Unit) Chip: Cooling Problems, Requirements and Solutions 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E157 Artificial Intelligence: Technologies for Smart Systems Design 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E160 Practical Circuit Analysis 3 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E161 Practical Motor Starting 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E176 Induction Motor Theory 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E177 Determining Motor Load & Efficiency from Measured Data 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E180 Software Security: Practical Defensive Strategies 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E181 Corrosion Mitigation through Electrical Design Cathodic Protection 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E191 2006 Introduction to Electrical Construction Specifications 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E191U 2006 Introduction to Electrical Construction Specifications (Audio Version) 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E192 Loadbreaking and the Bazooms Curve 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
E193 Overview of Uninteruptive Power Systems (UPS) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E204 Introduction to Short Circuit Analysis 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E217 Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and Power Lines 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E221 Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G142 Population Projections 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G150 Why Standards Matter 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G154 The U. S. Standards Development System and Process: The American Way 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G158 Effective Email for the Technical Professional 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G162 Introduction to The U.S. Patent System 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G172 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 1 of 3 10 $185 Buy Now Quiz
G173 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 2 of 3 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G174 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 3 of 3 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G178 How Engineers Can Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G183 Building Insulation Basics 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G185 Sustainable Design Guide 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
G186 Inventing by the NCMR Method 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G187 Material Safety Data Sheets - Sources and More 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G190 Overview of the ISO System 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G195 Object-Oriented Thinking 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G196 Excel Spreadsheet Basics for Engineers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G198 Protecting Technology 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G199 Copyright of Engineering Drawings, Plans and Designs 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G200 How to Prepare Patent Drawings 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G216 Preparing and Delivering Technical Presentations 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K110 Bioinformatics 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M129 Conservation Technology Series: Simple Heat Exchangers for Commercial Automatic Ice Makers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M156 Process Plant Insulation & Fuel Efficiency 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M157 Insulation Audit and the Economic Thickness of Insulation 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M166 Improving Energy Efficiency of Boiler Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M167 Steam Management - Overview of Steam Traps 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M185 HVAC - Description of Useful Terms 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M186 HVAC Optimization with Cold Air Distribution 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M187 HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M213 Characteristics and Selection Parameters of Fans and Blower Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M224 Water Treatment for Boiler Plants 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M231 Principles of Evaporative Cooling System 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P103 Basic Project Management 12 $299 Buy Now Quiz
P104 Project Cost Management 8 $239 Buy Now Quiz
P108 Six Ways To Perform Economic Evaluation of Projects 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P130 Risk Assessment / Management 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P131 Creating an Effective Project Team Performance Assessment Process 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
P132 Managing Project Cost, Revenue and Profit 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P133 How to Develop (or Save) a Project Team 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P134 Expanding Your Small Business Through Outsourcing 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
P135 Management of Engineering Projects (The People) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P136 Financial Evaluation of Projects and Options 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P137 Fundamentals of Starting and Operating a Business 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P139 Contracts for Professionals 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
P140 Copyright Protection 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
P142 Motivating Employees 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
P143 Managing Change - Leader's Perspective 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P144 Managing Change - Leader's and Employee's Perspective 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P146 Commissioning Fundamentals and a Practical Approach 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P148 Managing Employees for Success 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P149 Budget Concepts for Non-Financial Leaders 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P155 A Project Lifecycle and the Construction Process - Seven Stages from Conception to Demolition 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P162 Improving Workplace Communications 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P164 Order Minimums, Winners, and Losers - What Owner’s Desire from Consultants (A/E’s) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P165 Creating Successful Bid Proposals 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R114 The Proper Use of New York Professional Seals 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R115 The Right Choice: Applying Ethics to Engineering 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R117 The Right Choice: Applying Ethics and Happiness to Engineering 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R118 The Right Choice: Applying Ethics and Leadership to Engineering 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
R119 Classic Ethics and Engineering 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R119U Classic Ethics and Engineering (Audio Version) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R122 Ethics, Leadership, and Technology: Social Change in the Global Society of the 21st Century 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
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