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Pharmaceutical & Biotech Engineering PDH Units/
Learning Units (Hours)
K108 An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Validation 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K109 Clean Steam in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K110 Bioinformatics 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
K111 Creating a Pharmaceutical Installation Qualification 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
K112 Fundamentals of Aseptic Pharmaceutical Engineering 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
K118 Creating the Pharmaceutical Equipment History File 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K119 Packaging Line Engineering and Operations for the Pharmaceutical and Similar Industries 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
K120 Relief Device Basics for the Engineer 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K121 Selecting Validation Protocols for Equipment and Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
C177 Control of Water Terrorism Agents 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C267 Land Application of Biosolids/Septage 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G187 Material Safety Data Sheets - Sources and More 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
M111 Safeguarding HVAC Systems Against Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Attacks 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P146 Commissioning Fundamentals and a Practical Approach 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P147 A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Commissioning and Qualification 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
Related Courses
C213 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Auditing 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
C214 Environmental Management System 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E180 Software Security: Practical Defensive Strategies 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E193 Overview of Uninteruptive Power Systems (UPS) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E194 Power System Analysis 15 $349 Buy Now Quiz
E208 Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E221 Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E225 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - I 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E226 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - II 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E227 Create a Web Site for Your Engineering Firm - III 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G178 How Engineers Can Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2 $35 Buy Now Quiz
G179 Immediate Conservation Engineering 3 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G186 Inventing by the NCMR Method 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G190 Overview of the ISO System 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G195 Object-Oriented Thinking 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G196 Excel Spreadsheet Basics for Engineers 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G198 Protecting Technology 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G199 Copyright of Engineering Drawings, Plans and Designs 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G200 How to Prepare Patent Drawings 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G201 Protecting Designs Under Patent, Copyright and Trademark Law 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G216 Preparing and Delivering Technical Presentations 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G217 Conducting A Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessment 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
H121 Advanced Wetlands Primer: Field Evaluation & Permitting Considerations for Design Professionals 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
K113 Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K114 Basics of Industrial Heat Transfer 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K115 Making Decisions with Insulation 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
K116 Specifying a Liquid-Liquid Heat Exchanger 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
K122 Basics of Piping System Thermal Expansion for Process Engineers 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M225 Interesting Facts (and Myths) about Cavitation 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
M227 Dehumidification in Industrial and Building Applications 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M230 Overview of Dust Collection Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M231 Principles of Evaporative Cooling System 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M232 Variable Air Volume Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M233 Boilers - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M234 Refrigeration Chiller Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M235 Hydronic Systems - Principles, Applications & Acceptance Testing 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M247 Introduction to Hydraulic Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P153 Negotiating Skills for the Workplace 7 $169 Buy Now Quiz
P155 A Project Lifecycle and the Construction Process - Seven Stages from Conception to Demolition 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P160 An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma - Improving Quality, Efficiency, Profitability, and Customer Satisfaction 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
P162 Improving Workplace Communications 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P163 Leading the Multi-Generational Workforce 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
P168 Financial Proposals: The Why and How 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P171 Manage Productivity to Maximize Profits 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
P172 Tax Basics for Small Businesses 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
R117 The Right Choice: Applying Ethics and Happiness to Engineering 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R118 The Right Choice: Applying Ethics and Leadership to Engineering 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
R119 Classic Ethics and Engineering 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R119U Classic Ethics and Engineering (Audio Version) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R120 Engineering and Business Ethics - A Biblical Perspective 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
R122 Ethics, Leadership, and Technology: Social Change in the Global Society of the 21st Century 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
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