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Life Safety and Building Codes PDH Units/
Learning Units (Hours)
G101 ADA Standards for Accessible Design 8 $145 Buy Now Quiz
G116 What Do Engineers & Architects Need to Know about New OSHA Safety Standards for Steel Erection? 5 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G119 An Overview of OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G125 Understanding Firewall Basics 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G126 What Do Engineers and Architects Need to Know about the Americans with Disabilities Act? 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
G130 MFL Firewalls 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G134 North Carolina & International Fire Codes For Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids At Petroleum Facilities 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G136 NFPA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code 58 Fire Safety Analysis Plan and O&M Instructions for Propane Storage Systems 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G144 2000 International Building Code - Classification of Occupancy and Construction Types 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G145 2000 International Building Code - Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G153 Avoiding Falsework Failure 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G156 Environmental Regulations and Codes For Underground Tank Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G157 Disaster Engineering 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G161 A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G172 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 1 of 3 10 $185 Buy Now Quiz
G173 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 2 of 3 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G174 Safety and Health Requirements - Part 3 of 3 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
G187 Material Safety Data Sheets - Sources and More 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
G190 Overview of the ISO System 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
G197 Construction and Contractor Safety - Responsibility, Management, and Basic Safety Considerations 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G207 Tsunamis: Basic Principles 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G217 Conducting A Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessment 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
C102 Environmental Protection Agency Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
C103 An Overview of Hazardous Gas Detection 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C161 Response to Oil Spills 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C177 Control of Water Terrorism Agents 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C181 OSHA’s Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 8-HR Refresher Training 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
C181W OSHA’s Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Refresher Training (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Session: Thursday, Feb. 7 & 14, 2008. 1 PM-5 PM, EST
8 $640 Buy Now Quiz
C190 Environmental Awareness: Introduction to Green House Gas Sources, Impacts, and Control 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C191 Environmental Action: Estimating Green House Gas Emissions from Manufacturing 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C213 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Auditing 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
C231 Reduction of Lead Hazards During Construction 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
C254 Slope Stability 15 $285 Buy Now Quiz
C255 Practical Slope Stability Using Chart Solutions 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E103 Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E111 Electrical Transmission and Distribution Safety 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E112 Electrical Design - Lightning and Static Electricity Protection 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
E174 2005 National Electric Code 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E174U 2005 National Electric Code (Audio Version) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E207W Design to the Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72-2007 (Live Webinar)PE
Next Web Session: Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007, 1 PM - 5 PM, EST
4 $240 Buy Now Quiz
E230 Design to the Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72-2007 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
E230U Design to the Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72-2007 (Audio Verson) 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
F101 Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment 1 $15 Buy Now Quiz
K106 Vulnerability of U.S. Chemical Facilities to Terrorist Attack 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
L101 Land Surveying Safety Guide 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M106 Identifying Risk Factors In Machinery 2 $39 Buy Now Quiz
M107 Assessing Risk Factors in Machinery 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M110 Introduction to Fire Protection Systems 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M111 Safeguarding HVAC Systems Against Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Attacks 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M122 Fire Protection for Facilities Engineering, Design and Construction 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M127 Building Automation Systems after September 11th 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
S185 2000 International Building Code - Structural Design 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
S186 2003 International Building Code - Structural Design 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
S197 Calculating Conventional Wood Frame Connections for Residential Structures (Nails, Bolts, Screws, etc.) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S204 Calculating and designing Lateral Force Resistance Systems (LFRS) for Wind and Earthquake Forces in Light Frame Construction 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
Related Courses
C215 Indoor Mold Sampling 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
C216 Mold Remediation in the Workplace-OSHA Guide 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
C217 Design of Radon Resistant Residential Structures 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
C218 Reduction of Radon Levels in Schools and Other Large Buildings 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
C225 Excavation Hazard Recognition- OSHA Standards 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E101 OSHA 3075 - Controlling Electrical Hazards 3 $55 Buy Now Quiz
E119 Electrical Design - Coordinated Power System Protection 10 $249 Buy Now Quiz
E122 Conduit System Design 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E128 Wireless Network Security 6 $149 Buy Now Quiz
E131 Introductory Lightning Protection Design per NFPA 780 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E147 Modern Closed Circuit TV Design (Audio Version) 5 $129 Buy Now Quiz
E182 Nuclear Plant Security Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E183 Babcock & Wilcox Pressurized Water Reactors 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E184 Power Plant Electrical Distribution Systems 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E185 Environmental Qualification of Safety Related Electrical Equipment 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E186 General Nuclear Worker Radiation Training 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E187 General Nuclear Worker Training 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
E188 Radiation Detection 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
E217 Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and Power Lines 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
E228 The Proper Use of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
E229 Ground-Fault Protection on Construction Sites 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G110 Soil Slope Stability Analysis Using the Friction Circle Method Programmed in EXCEL 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G111 Trench and Excavation Support Options and Excavation Slope Design 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G112 Practical Excavation and Trench Temporary Shoring Design and Construction 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
G129 The Engineer in the Courts 8 $199 Buy Now Quiz
G135 NABIE Standards of Practice for Building Inspections 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
G137 An Overview of Incident Investigation and Reporting 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G146 Avoiding Design Blunders 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
G151 The Engineer in the Courts - Case Study 2 $49 Buy Now Quiz
G183 Building Insulation Basics 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
G195 Object-Oriented Thinking 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K104 Chemical Accident Prevention 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
K105 Worst Case Scenario Calculation 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K108 An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Validation 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
K110 Bioinformatics 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
L106 A Surveyor's Guide to the FEMA NFIP Elevation Certificate 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M108 An Engineer's Guide to Plumbing Cross-Connections 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M109 An Introduction to Indoor Air Pollution 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
M137 Overview of Portable Fire Extinguishers 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M143 A Basic Design Guide for Clean Room Applications 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M148 Smoke Movement in Buildings 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
M185 HVAC - Description of Useful Terms 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M201 Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings 4 $75 Buy Now Quiz
M215 HVAC Refresher - Facilities Standard for the Building Services (Part 1) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
M216 HVAC Refresher - Facilities Standard for the Building Services (Part 2) 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
P112 Every Word Counts! Contract Mechanisms and Their Review - Module 1 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
P122 Professional Liability 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P123 Quality Assurance 3 $69 Buy Now Quiz
P130 Risk Assessment / Management 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
R106 Standards of Professional Conduct 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
R107 Ethics for Engineers 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
S104 Fall Protection in Construction 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S106 Design/Evaluation of Overhead Lifting Lugs 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
S124 Concrete Forming Systems Options, Considerations, Design and Cost 2 $59 Buy Now Quiz
S128 Hot Weather Concreting 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
S129 Cold Weather Concreting 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
S146 Structural Design Criteria for Structures Other Than Buildings 3 $89 Buy Now Quiz
S155 Concrete Deterioration 1 $29 Buy Now Quiz
S191 Constructing Residential Structures in Coastal Areas 4 $119 Buy Now Quiz
S192 Design of Residential Buildings in (High-Wind) Coastal Areas 12 $279 Buy Now Quiz
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